Farm King is a line of equipment that we offer as well. Helten Farm Repair can provide an extremely wide variety of equipment to fit any operation, whether you are a farmer, home owner, or even in the industrial field. We can furnish you with Allied loaders custom fit to nearly every make, a broad assortment of landscape equipment, three point tools, as well as mower decks in a range of sizes. The Farm King brand offers grain handling equipment to fit the small farmer and even the large scale operations. Examples would be augers, grain cleaners, and grain vacs offered in a variety of sizes. We offer also a lineup of application tools that can be equipped for the crops you produce. Haying tools have always been a key product through Farm King. Helten Farm Repair can now supply the haying community with equipment such as bale carriers, mowers, rakes and tedders that all come in the size o  configuration that will best suit your operation.

Helten Farm Repair

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